How Tantric Massage Can Be Combined with Complementary Practices

Tantric massage in the ancient Indian spiritual tradition has been based on working with receptive and sensitive touch, breath work, and energy work associated with channeling dormant energy sources in the body, most often referred to as Kundalini. Tantric massage, combined with many other practices, is quite an intense, operational tool that causes fundamental changeable physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences.

We’ll now learn how tantric massage can effectively be combined with a range of different complementary practices:

Meditation: Both are tools to help the mind stay in the present moment for inner peace. Meditation and tantric massage can be called natural allies. They meditate before the session, even if for a few minutes, helping the practitioner to ground and become one with the breath. During the session, the giver and the receiver can stay meditative, fully engrossed in the sensations arising from the body, the flow of energy, and the connection of breath with touch. Meditation permeates deep into the core of tantric massage, growing the relaxation and sensory awareness of the body through the application of unity in the body, mind, and spirit.

Yoga: Yoga and Tantra have common roots and principles. Both support each other with the advantage of one or the other. If yoga were considered an independent practice, it would prepare the body of its practitioner by loosening up the muscles and increasing elasticity; therefore, one would have an energetic alignment before a tantric massage session. Even yoga poses or stretches could be worked into the partner massage so that much more deeply in the body energy is released and opened. Post-yoga practice calms the power awakened during the session, which supports integration and balance.

Breathwork: Conscious breathing underlies Tantra and all other spiritual practices, from mindfulness to pranayama (yogic breath control). The tantric massage molds a person with the significant influence of breathwork to create free flow or energy current through the body toward relaxation and presence. Powerful means of connection and a deepening state of relaxation are realized through the breath synchronization between the giver and the receiver when they breathe deep and full. However, circular breathing is an advanced technique in tantra massage. Other styles include alternate nostril breathing, but always intensified, to assist in the waking-up process of dormant energy centers.

Sound Healing: Sound itself may have been utilized thousands of years back as a healing modality connecting to spirituality. The inclusion of sound healing in the tantric massage will sweeten one’s state of relaxation, facilitate emotional release, or bring the energy body into harmony. The practitioners put in the background music, like chanting, singing bowls, or other sound instruments, in the massage session to create a sacred space and fully embrace the experience. The vibrational frequencies of sound through the energy centers of our body work in a manner that unblocks and balances deeply.

Aromatherapy: The application of essential oils in health and wellness enhancement is complementary to tantric massage for amplifying stimuli in the senses and obtaining a relaxed feeling. More so, it increases the sedation and aphrodisiac qualities extracted from the essential oils of Lavandula angustifolia, Cananga odorata, or Santalum album, further diffused before doing the body massage in the rooms for the session. They can be diluted and applied to the skin during a massage and consequently act through another sense, such as smell, to facilitate emotional release further. Touch, sense of smell, and breathing work together in a dance to create a multisensory experience to deepen relaxation and facilitate pleasure.

Final Thoughts

Combining tantric massage and an energy cure makes this procedure more potent, and changes are felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually. All this can be done to deepen and broaden the efficacy and quality of the tantric message experience, consistent with the general description of the message that is usually related to this term. On the other hand, the combination of these practices may probably present the most significant opening to any practice that has a holistic way of developing a healing and transforming system that addresses the issues of mind-body-spirit interconnectivity. Overall, these complementary practices with tantric massage deepen the experience and open the door further to intense states of awareness and connection, not only for relaxation, enjoyment, and spiritual growth.

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